eSport: An Overview

Technology is great. It lets us interact with our friends, helps us with our daily tasks and also provides us with almost unlimited amounts of entertainment. Trends develop in technology just like everything else and it can be tricky trying to keep up with all the developments and technological advances in general. In terms of the gaming industry, what we have seen over the last few years is the rise of eSports. eSports are a form of competition that is facilitated by computer games.
To simplify, eSports could be considered as competitive tournaments using computer games to determine who is the best player at any particular game. These tend to be multiplayer games with players competing against each other to see who the best is. eSports is rapidly growing into an industry in itself and the most common types of eSports are organised, multiplayer game competitions and usually involve professional players, especially in the latter stages of the tournament. You could argue that the most common eSports are fighting, FPS (first person shooter), strategy, battle arena and sports games.
Tournaments have been created for some many games all over the world and the competitions often involve prize money and salaries to competitors. It is shaping up to become quite the exciting industry and a real hub for computer game fans to test their skills against other skilled players. With the eSports industry rapidly growing, online and offline competitions are now experiencing participation and spectatorship, the likes of which we have never seen before.

eSports Additional Info

This has led to the professional player and eSports tournaments often play host to these players using social media and video uploading sites to live stream tournaments. Media platforms such as Steam, Twitch and Youtube are key components to the eSports industry and really give the industry a voice by being a primary source for eSports content. The rise in Twitch, in particular, allows for viewers to watch live streams of eSports tournaments with extreme ease.
Back in 2013, it was estimated that approximately 71.5 million people worldwide watched some form of eSports. We can only imagine what that number is sitting at just now. Demographically, it has been argued that viewership is split between approximately 85% males and 15% females with around 60% of the viewer base aged between 18-34. Many within the industry hope to find a way to increase female engagement within the industry in the future.
In terms of numbers, the eSports market generated around £258 million in 2015 and this is expected to rise to £391 million in 2016. These numbers are quite staggering and really show the potential growth of the industry as a whole. It makes for exciting times for players that want to test their skills against other pros and it looks like eSports are here to stay. We will be keeping a close eye on developments and bringing you all the latest news should anything of note happen so keep an eye on our site if you are an eSports fan.