Is eSports Betting Legal?

Yes, of course it is! Well, in the United Kingdom it is anyway so if you are British and living in your home country then it is legal to play eSports betting games. While it is legal in the United Kingdom, the legalities do vary from country to country which is something that you will have to bear in mind before signing up. If you are living outside of the United Kingdom, always double check first that eSports betting is first legal, or you could end up in pretty hot water!
The legalities do vary from country to country, and in some, it is the gaming commission who regulates the betting industry very strictly, while in others there is more ambiguity in their laws when it comes to the betting industry as a whole. However, some countries completely prohibit gambling and betting. We definitely do not advise any illegal activity if you reside in one of these countries, as many of the underground websites are unsafe.
Furthermore, for the moment there is no age limit as to who can take part in eSports betting, but the gambling age limit does vary between different countries. If you want to know if you are of a legal age to take part in this form of gambling, just double check your country’s gambling age requirements. With Sportsbooks, they can also set a minimum age which may differ from the local minimum age.

Is eSports Betting Fair and Legal?

The eSports betting industry has definitely faced some challenges when it comes to issues such as fairness while playing these type of games. The main concern that they are facing is players who act as team mates and will lose certain battles in order to let their friend advance. This has led to reports of match fixing being on the rise.
However, it is not all doom and gloom as the industry is trying to correct this by establishing governing councils and organisations whose sole aim will be to maintain the integrity and honesty of eSports betting. This will hopefully solve the problem of matches being played unfairly and match fixing concerns. Traditional sportsbooks have already overcome these problems as they have a wealth of experience that allows them to look and determine any match-fixing issues, analyse all of the betting trends and they are also heavily involved in preventing certain activities.